Crew Training and Competency Upgrades

Our focus is on the competency upgrades for shipping professionals.

Whether there is a need to identify the competency gaps or there is an established competency gap, we can support the management with our tailor-made competency development programs.

We provide training to our customer’s crew and ship management personnel through variety of courses, from basic maintenance to diagnostic and technical analysis.

Our training programs are designed to help customers achieve higher skills in supporting and servicing their equipment and manage the vessels operations and maintenance with a professional approach in an informed manner.

A better trained crew can bring about considerable savings to management in terms of reliable operations, professional maintenance practices, optimum usage of spares and timely approach to developing problems by proper analysis of monitored data.

Training at our Training Centre ensures that our customers get not only what they need but also what they deserve – only the finest solutions and services.
Our Training Centre is committed to continued training and long-term development of skills and knowledge for effective and cost-effective management of vessels.

Courses offered at our Training Centers are categorized into

  • Fundamental Courses
  • Intermediate Level Courses
  • Advanced Level Courses
  • Product Specialist Courses
  • Customized Courses

Courses offered at our Training Centers are categorized into

  • Familiarization of crew with ISM code and practices
  • Familiarization of crew with ISPS code and practices
  • Safe working practices on board
  • Preventive Maintenance Procedures
  • Fundamentals of Diesel Engines and good maintenance practices
  • Fundamentals of Drive Train and good maintenance practices
  • Fundamentals of Hydraulics and good maintenance practices
  • Basic Electronics and Introduction to control systems
  • Fundamentals of Power Generation and maintenance practices on electrical and electronic equipment

We are waiting to hear from you on your crew competency upgrade requirements and we can devise the right program to enhance the crew competency.