Marine Asset Life Cycle Maintenance

We are providing a unique solution to our customers by our proposal of asset life cycle maintenance program whereby we devise the complete maintenance program of the marine assets such as engine and generators from one full overhaul to next full overhaul. We provide the owners with full planned maintenance schedule of the marine assets and we will undertake the maintenance from one full overhaul to next full overhaul with our dedicated team of professionals.

Our endeavor is to ensure the reliability of vessel operations and ensure that vessels are able to operate without any down time and additionally owners are appraised in advance about the entire cost of maintenance during the full life cycle of the asset for ease of budgeting and cost allocations. This is primarily aimed at owners and managers with offshore fleet of vessels however can be customized for ocean going fleet as well.

This provide the owners with the benefits of

  • Reliability of operations and minimum down time for vessels by ensuring regular timely attendance for maintenance and upkeep of engines and generators.
  • Cost effectiveness
  • The unwanted breakdown maintenance and huge breakdown maintenance costs can be avoided.
  • The full history of engine performance for the entire period from one full overhaul to next full overhaul is tracked and engines perform to its optimum potential during its lifecycle.
  • Consistency in performing the work in all locations of vessel’s deployment. The team attending the work will be fully aware of the previous track record engine performance and maintenance carried out and will work in most consistent manner providing the best solutions in a time and cost-effective manner.
  • Readiness of attending technicians on short notice.