Ship Management

Protect Ship Maintenance operates all managed vessels in the safest and most efficient manner possible in order to meet the requirements of ship-owners, flag states, port states, class societies, charterers and other stakeholders in full compliance with the ISM code

Technical reliability, Effective management strategy and cost-effective purchasing are the foundations of Protect Ship Maintenance world’s ship management offering. Ship management is a nuts and bolts business where continuous monitoring are key to cost efficiency and reliability.

At Protect Ship Maintenance we do not believe in making short-term gains on cost that would have long-term consequences for the vessels. For cost effective management, Blue World reviews the major expense head and then works towards making them cost effective.

For spares and service Blue World leverages its strong network to negotiate terms with suppliers and service providers to manage the vessels economically.

We focus on maximizing availability and loss prevention through:

  • Close interaction between onboard personnel and highly experienced shore-based engineering and marine teams
  • Effective planned maintenance and procurement systems
  • Close monitoring of day to day operations, including:
    1. Safe and efficient cargo handling
    2. Regular condition assessment
    3. Dry dock planning and supervision
    4. Budget control
    5. Certification and vetting

Established relationships with first-class suppliers, service providers, shipyards and workshops ensure that our customers consistently receive reliable and high quality, cost competitive services.