Ship Superintendence

We strongly position ourselves in the role where we can support the vessel owners and managers to attend to their requirements of vessel attendances and other projects necessities.

You can consider us as your local vessel superintendents and entrust your vessel attendance needs to us with the peace of mind that the attendance will be carried out in the most professional manner with a professional team keeping the full essence as that of your own superintendent’s visit.

If the vessel superintendent cannot fly out to the vessel for any reason – we are there to support and we are available 24×7.

This innovative approach can certainly bring about the cost effectiveness and timely attendance to requirements.

We can support you with your needs for

  • Shipyard Attendance for New Construction, Conversions and drydocking of vessels
  • Periodic Survey for Classification, Vetting & other Inspections
  • Port Engineer attendance (Technical Superintendence)
  • To oversee major repairs onboard
  • For inspection of vessels and preparations as per specific guidelines.
  • For various training and counselling requirements onboard.
  • Safety audits and inspections of vessels.
  • Any specific program implementations onboard.

We have our superintendents ready to attend your vessel in a very prompt manner and Our superintendents are well experienced and qualified for the role.

There is a solution to the tedious travel and logistic issues and associated costs and these issues should not hamper your vessels operations- Please do let us know and we can offer our services in a cost effective and timely manner.